Saturday, March 06, 2004

John will Seminar 6 Mar 2004 - sweeps, legbar against open guard, passing

6 Mar 2004
John Will Seminar
He stands in your closed guard. Keep your guard closed and underhook his left leg with your right arm, thus stopping him from picking you up and slamming - an IA or "immediate action" in SOG parlance. Open legs, turn on your shoulders to face left, push off his body with your right leg and roll backwards over your right shoulder to knees, still holding the leg. Drive your right armpit into his left knee, pushing his knee toward your right foot, like a low single, Spin on your knees to face him and begin to set up your pass.
If he turns clockwise and braces with his left leg to prevent the takedown, post on your L arm and stand up, lifting his leg. Under hook his leg with your L arm, then transfer your right overhook to an underhook so you have a two on one on his right leg. Now either lift his right leg with your arms and kick out his left, or step your right foot in front of his right foot and wizzer (rotational force) him down so he lands on his side.
If you keep hold of his lower leg with your left arm, you can apply a figure 4 footlock by grabbing the toes (end of the lever) with the right hand  and then grabbing your right wrist with your left hand. CAREFUL. The  same lock can work from other positions, e.g. after an omoplata attempt, his foot is right there.
If, after you roll out of the guard to knees, he does what he should do and put his weight on his left leg and presses his knee down on you while at the same time pushing your head down with his left hand so you can't lift it to stand, post with your left hand, stand up on your left foot and run like a sprinter coming out of the blocks, pulling his leg directly forward with your R hand. His toes point the direction to move   to take him down.
We reviewed the stepover legbar from open guard.
Once again, he stands up in your open guard, you underhook his left leg with your right arm and spin to face lR. Drop and let your right knee go between his legs, with your right foot hooking his hip (instep along his left underwear line). Now shoot up high on your right shoulder and wrap your left leg around his left side and back into the legbar position. While the legbar could be applied right here, force him down via pressure on his knee, so you fall on your right side. Come up on your right elbow, giving you room to get your right foot out of his groin and into the standard kneebar position. Good for a person who stands up in your closed guard legs wide.
"Chase the knee" in legbars.
If he stands up legs close together, open your legs, control his sleeves and drop your hips to the floor, re-closing your legs tight around his knees. Use legs and hands to pull him over head, releasing his sleeves so he can post, and so you can hug his thighs to you  - you MUST hug his thighs, otherwise he will get mount. Now, bridge and roll him to end up mounted on his legs.. If he manages to post out wide to stop your bridge and roll, just reverse direction, come out from under and take the back. The knee-pinch sweep.
Passing exercise - his feet on the floor, he is on his back, you kneeling with both hands inside his feet. Posting on your right hand, push his right knee to the floor, jump your feet around to the left, up on your toes so all your weight is on his knee. Don't grab his pants, this can be used against you. do both sides, then have partner tap a knee at random to pick which side for you to go toward.
From this initial move, pin his right knee with your left hand, jumping to your left - jump both feet in so your left knee is above his right thigh, and your right shin is over his right shin. Do not try to crush his shin as this pressure can be used against you. Underhook his left leg with your R arm and control his hip with the left side of your head and shoulder (facing away to avoid punches) - shoulder control. Your left hand presses against his right thigh. Now switch base, left knee coming under and pushing his right thigh away, then back, driving your right knee to his right hip. Do not move you head or right arm from his left hip. Now move on up his upper body to consolidate side control.
If he posts against your left hip with his right hand. flip your body upside down toward him (right foot comes over left), this putting pressure on his right hand and steamrollering the post. Keep head on left hip and your right underhook on his left leg - do not move them from here. Now take your left foot to your right foot and turn back, driving your right knee into his right hip.
If he manages to get on his right side and commits all his defenses against you that way, take your right  underhook out, press with the right palm on his left knee and slide over to his left side, possibly using your right shin on his left. your left shoulder should retain pressure on his hip, no space as you transfer. Best time to transfer is JUST before the ordinary pass would succeed, so all his defenses are committed to that side, giving your switch the best possible chance of success.