Saturday, July 10, 2004

John Will Seminar 10 Jul 2004 armdrag from guard, crossface

10 Jul 2004 
John Will Seminar 
When he grabs your pants in your open guard. 
Same side arm drag - attack the lower leg.
Opposite side arm drag 
From hooks in,  move your leg to create the gap for the arm drag 
Rigan’s sweep - grab belt/gi to trap his R arm with your left, Use your knee to act like the same side arm drag, to remove the R arm, L leg through his, lock it to the right leg to put him in half guard. Hip out to the left, fall back and use the knee to sweep him to your left. 
Cross face

You have side control on his R, locking his left arm between you, your L arm under his head. 
Get there from front control. Work both your elbows to the floor between each of his upper arms and chest. Turn anticlockwise to side control on his R, using your left elbow to drag his left arm up and over his body, then when you have moved far enough, slide your left forearm under his head to get the crossface. 
Or from switchbase, switched toward his feet rather than his head. On his right side, use your L elbow, and R hip and knee, on either side of his body, to control him. Put your head on his left thigh to avoid being kneed. If he lifts his left elbow -you should feel it - move to side control same way as before.  
If he lifts his R elbow, use your left hip to drive it up toward his head and across his body, “backing up the truck”. when you get your hip over his head, “reach for the gun”. in an imaginary holster on your R hip with your R hand, taking your R forearm under the L side of his head, moving to side control on his L with his R arm trapped in a crossface between you. Let the pressure off a bit in the final stage to avoid dragging his R arm too far down his body. 
His Left arm trapped on his R in crossface, slide your R knee over. Come up on left foot and rotate hips and "shin slap" with R shin to avoid half guard. Get mount. Leave your L arm under his head, keeping the crossface.  Grab your R bicep with your L hand.  Take your R forearm across under and behind your L forearm so your arms are crossed under his head. Now you can disengage your L arm and use it to help get the armwrap with your R hand on his L. Turn and lift him to sidemount – he is on his R side. 
Get “dog paddle” grip with both hands - disengage R and bring it over his head, place your R fist on the left side of your L fist, so that the fists touch and your R fist blocks the side of the left fist so he cannot pull his arm out. Use the R to post on to assist in bringing the R leg over his head - sit back to armbar. 
Side mount, armwrap on his L arm. Get fig 4 grip your R arm with L. Dismount to side control. step with R foot in front of his head. put pressure  on the back of his head with your R bicep so he wants to get it out, release his head and drop your R knee to the floor and get the fig 4. You should just about be sitting on his head. Try to trap his R arm with your R shin if you can. 
Sidemount/armwrap on his L arm. Get dog paddle grip with both hands on his L arm. Move R shin parallel to his body. Fall straight back rolling over your R shin, perpendicular to his body, and roll him into hooks-in back control.. Grab his left collar with your R hand as deep as possible - you can release his L arm to allow him to grab his collar, which opens it up more, then you can get tighter and grab his arm again. Remove your R hook and allow him to escape to his R. If he doesn't move use your hook to roll him on his face. You to his R. Put your weight on his head, and drive the side of your wrist up into his throat with your R as you  hold his arm with your L - for clock choke - move your legs and body around if necessary. 
Do not wait for verification (anticipate) 
Where is your weight? On top 
On bottom, use what you can, not what you have 
Keep moving when rolling so the brain has to work fast 
You attempt forearm choke on his right side. He counters by pushing on your L elbow with his R hand. Grab his bicep with your R hand and pull his arm underneath your body. Switch base slightly and slide your L knee under his right shoulder. Push your right hand through and bring it back, trapping his right wrist under your R armpit with your R elbow. Cup his bicep with your R hand. Put your R knee on top of his shoulder and apply an armbar, pushing up on his elbow with your R hand, holding his wrist with your armpit and his shoulder between your knees. 
From headlock on his L side, you have his L arm and attempt the figure 4 with legs. He counters by pronating  his L arm under your R leg. Place your L elbow back next to his hip, keep him pinned, and step over his head with your R leg, sliding the R calf under his head and locking the R foot behind the L knee for a reverse triangle. 
You have headlock control on his L. He has his arms wrapped and scoots his feet toward you for bridge and roll. If his L knee is up, overhook it with your R arm for the spinal crank. If it is on the floor hook it with your R leg and pass it to your R hand; chase his knee and apply a legbar on his L leg. 
Good attacks: 
Lock off part of his defence 
Start in one position and finish in another.