Saturday, August 21, 2004

Rigan Machado Seminar 21 Aug 2004

Rigan Machado Seminar 21 Aug 2004

  1. You are in switchbase side control on his right. With your right hand, pass the left skirt of your gi over his neck, reach under his head with your left hand and take the gi skirt from you right Turn to your right, put your feet on the floor and your head near his right hip, and walk your feet around his head until you are on his left side in side control – cross face him with your right hand to complete the choke. 
  2. If he stops you walking around his head by blocking with his right arm, roll forward, using the hold with your left hand on your gi to take him with you. If he doesn’t tap out first, you should both end up on your knees. Grab his far collar or elsewhere close by on his gi  with your right hand and complete the choke.
  3. You are trying to legbar his left leg, he is on his back and your are sitting to his left with his left leg between yours. He triangles his right knee over his left ankle to block the legbar. Take your left hand over his right shin, grab his left foot from underneath. Sit back onto your right side so your right knee is on the floor, blocking him from coming toward you, His right foot ends up in your armpit, his left in the crook of your elbow. Join your hands and crank on his left foot.
  4.  You are on your knees, he has attempted an omoplata on your right arm with his right knee triangling his left foot. Grab the inside of your right thigh to prevent him cranking your arm and post up with your left foot. Reach around with your left hand to grab his belt on his right side, trapping his right shin against your chest. You can press in from here. If he arches his hips off the floor to relieve the pressure, roll him over his right shoulder onto his stomach, join your hands together around his left leg and crush.
  5. He has half guard on your right leg, with the “lockdown” – his left leg over your leg, his right knee triangled over his left foot, his right foot locked under your ankle. Put both hands on his chest and post on your left foot. Stand up on your right leg, his legs will now be locked. Shuffle right foot forward, left backward until they are parallel and then push down on both knees with each hand.
  6. He is kneeling, your feet on his hips in open guard. Your right hand grabs his right sleeve, your left hand his left sleeve, his right (?) arm on top. Turn on your left side, open his arms up and put your right hook under his right armpit. Turn back so you are flat, recross his arms and put your left hook inside his right leg. Sweep him to your right using your left hook – legbar opportunity from here.
  7. Same as before, but place your right hook under his LEFT armpit. Hook the outside or his left knee with your left foot and spin/roll onto your shoulders, in a type of reverse guard. Spin all the way around on your shoulders until you get your left leg over his head/neck to apply the triangle.
  8. Similar to before, but place your right foot under his right armpit in sidekick position. Push away and spin to reverse spider guard. From her you can put a foot on either side of his body and spin to the triangle on either side, similar to previous technique.
  9. Reverse spider guard – spin over your left shoulder back toward the normal guard. Put your right hook inside his left leg, and over his right arm that you are gripping with your right hand. Insert your left hook inside his right knee,, sit up and grab his belt with your left hand. Sweep to your left with your right hook, driving your left leg under for extra leverage.
  10. Heel hook from guard attempt on his left leg, he tries to step out facing away from you, grab his heel. Your right leg is already over his, triangle it off with your left leg going out to your left side, move forward, grab his belt or waist and push him on his face, encircling his waist with your arms, leaning on him and calf crushing him with bodyweight.
  11. Triangle drill, no hands – he is kneeling in your guard, elbow on your stomach. 1 – close high guard. 2. –pull him in and grip him tightly with your legs 3- foot on hip, angle out 4 –cut across the neck 5- close the triangle.