Saturday, July 29, 2006

John Will Seminar 29 July 2006 - handstand sweep, side back escapes

John Will Seminar 29 July 2006

Handstand Sweep

Closed Guard, he stands. Underhook his L foot with your R hand,place your L hand next to your L ear. Drive to your R, pushing out over his R knee. Release your guard as he falls. As he hits the floor, pinch your knees together to present a barrier, posting on your R hand. When he sits up (he will), grab the back of his neck with your L hand. Pull your R knee back to the floor, move R shin and hand around like a windscreen wiper to mount.

2. Start as for 1. If the sweep doesn't look good, roll backward over your R shoulder to knees, keeping hold of his leg. Run away from him like a sprinter out of the blocks, pulling on his leg, taking him down. Driving out to the side with the knee is no longer encouraged as he can too easily step back with the other leg.

Escaping Side/Back control

3. Trap the arm and roll. Rather than kick the far leg out and roll, if he is on your L, trap his R arm in your armpit and just jump to land on your R side facing him - not rolling away, but rotating in place. Keep both elbows in to facilitate the next move if he sprawls. If he doesn't sprawl, roll him. As you come on top, drive your L elbow into the side of his head pushing it toward his R hip, bending his spine and making it difficult for him to turn into you. Finish in side control.

4. As in 3, but he sprawls after you trap his arm and jump onto your R side. Form a frame with your L fist on the floor, your L elbow in his sternum. "Walk" backward (reverse Curly), moving counterclockwise, until your head comes out under his right hip. You still have his arm trapped in a lower figure 4 position. Stay on your L side and crank his arm upward to finish. If you lose the arm, take his back. It helps to start moving in the right direction as you "jump" onto your side,  already moving your head to the left so you have less distance to travel before popping out on his right.

5. You can't grab the arm, but both his knees are on the floor. Reach in front of his knees with your L hand, to block his L knee. Using your legs, post your head on the ground, R hand posted out to the side. Use your R hand to push as you walk your feet around behind him and make him collapse onto his L hip. Keep walking around until you have switchbase side control on his right, feet switched toward his feet, L elbow in his L hip. Go to mount by lifting the R leg over, hooking his  L leg with your R heel, pushing his knees hard together. Then pull yourself up to mount.

6. He has his L knee up, does not give you the arm. His knee is between your L knee and elbow. Post out on your R elbow, shift your R knee in front of his R knee. You should now have enough space. to bring your L hand between you and his R thigh. Grab his R ankle and lift it up, as if to put it in your L trouser pocket. This makes his spine move away from on top of you. Move back away from him onto your knees, then head butt his ribs, driving forward with your legs to push him over. He will try to get back on top of you, but this makes it even easier for you to push him over.

So, to practice - Give up guard to go to your knees, then try one of these. To drill, he passes your guard, you go to knees. He gets S/B. you escape. Depending on what he gives you. If you get mount he escapes mount and ends up in your guard. Repeat.

Competition kills creativity.