Sunday, October 24, 2010

John Will Seminar 24 Oct 2010 - Anaconda, D'arce, Peruvian Necktie, Shackle

John Will Seminar 24 Oct 2010

Tabata warm up

20 secs intense work, 10 secs rest X 8
30/15 x 6
40/20 X4

Rest 2 minutes repeat up to 5 times.

Different drill each period

He is in your guard, sit up to kimura each side
Armbar from mount, switch off and remount
Switching armbars from guard
Drop to low single start, up, bounce, drop low other side
You are in his guard – do “burpees”

Good to make the drills a little sport specific and technical, so you get used to performing technique even when aerobically and anaerobically stressed.

Anaconda Choke - Static

You have H2H sprawled on top, R arm between his head and L arm to stop the shot, L arm outside his R arm. Grab your L wrist with your R hand down near his elbow and use your joined hands to pull his R elbow forward and into the centre. Keep the grip on his elbow with your L and shoot your R hand up into and past his R armpit. Bring your L elbow next to your R hand and grab your L bicep with your R hand. Place your L hand on his side or back. Fall on your L side, taking him with you onto his R side. Walk your feet toward him and use your stomach to drive his head toward his chest as you squeeze for the choke.

Anaconda Choke - Opponent Rolls

There is no need to roll him to apply the choke. But if he rolls, you follow. With the same grips as above, roll him to your R over the top of you until you are on your R side and he on his L. Walk your feet toward his and push his head forward with your stomach and squeeze with your arms to apply the choke.
Darce choke from H2H

You have H2H sprawled on top, same hand positions. This time move around to your L his R. Block his R elbow with your L knee to prevent the sitout and slide  your L hand under his R armpit, across his chest until it pops out on the L side of his neck. "Judo chop" the back of his neck with your R forearm. Keep the R arm horizontal with your weight on him. Join your hands in a gable grip R hand horizontal, L hand vertical. Push with the R hand and pull with the L so he falls onto his L side. Put your R fist on the floor and grab your R wrist with your L hand. Use your hands to push his head toward his chest, then drive your L hand through deeper. Grab your R elbow with your L hand, put your R hand on his back. sprawl on his R shoulder and squeeze to apply the choke.

One possible defense he has is to hide his L arm between his legs. He will then go face down to break the grip. You can pre-emptively prevent this by putting your L knee in the way. If he does try to hide his arm, you can use your L knee in the same way to extract the arm.

Elbow Roll from H2H to Darce Choke

Same starting position. This time pull his elbow forward as for the start of the anaconda. Move your feet around to your R to make it more difficult for him to block your roll with his R knee.  Duck your head under his armpit and roll him over you to your L so he ends up on his L side with you on top. your arms should be in a position to slide your L hand through and apply the darce choke in the same position as above.

Peruvian Necktie

You have H2H sprawled on top. This time your L arm is between his R shoulder and his neck, your R arm outside his L arm (opposite to preceding techniques). Weight on your fists. Jump up to your feet, hands in same position, land with your body turned c. 90 degrees to the left,  L foot near his R elbow, L knee pressing your L elbow into his R shoulder. Ideally your L foot is slightly on its outside edge to facilitate the “sitting down” to come shortly.  Your R foot is back. in line with but well away from his L knee and elbow so they do not catch on it when you take it over his back later.

Your L hand goes under his neck, palm down, “looking at your watch”. Your R arm goes under his L armpit and joins your L hand in an S grip, left hand on top, palm down. Sit down on your L butt cheek so the back of your L knee is on the back of his neck. Put your right leg over his back so he cannot roll forward and escape. Straighten your L knee and pull up with your hands to apply the choke.

Peruvian Necktie, he turns to the side, armbar

He tries to relieve the pressure of the choke by turning  onto his L side and even onto his back. As he turns grab his R arm with your L, pull his R shoulder towards you and apply a straight armbar.

Peruvian Necktie, he rolls forward, follow him on top and Darce choke

He tries to escape the Peruvian Necktie by rolling  forward before you can get your R leg over his back. Turn to your L as he rolls and get him on his R side with you in side control on his R. Your R arm is already in position to apply a darce choke from here.

Peruvian Necktie, he jumps over the leg, roll to crucifix control

He tries to escape the Peruvian Necktie by jumping to his L over your R leg before you can get it over his back. Roll him over you to his L, your R and trap his L arm with your legs. Get your R arm out from underneath him and get a seat belt control with your L arm over his L shoulder and your R arm under his R armpit - crucifix control which leads to a number of submissions.

Shackle control from standing

He gets an underhook on your L arm with his R. Overhook his arm and angle off to his right, placing your forehead in the pocket between his R shoulder and jaw. This will diminish the effect of the underhook. Grab his L wrist with your R hand and drive his L wrist into his stomach, then grab your own R wrist with your L hand. This is a pretty good control and nullifies his ability to punch. He may want to extract his R arm from your hold. Let him do so as you will then be able to get his back. It also sets up 2 on 1, leg attacks, etc.

Shackle control from hooks in guard

You have hooks in guard. He beats you to the underhook on your L arm. Secure the overhook and grab his L wrist and your own R wrist as before. Sweep him to the R, but only onto his side, because your L arm is already in a good position to snake through for a Darce choke.