Sunday, March 20, 2011

John Will Seminar 20 Mar 2011 - Hooks and hooking sweeps

Tabata warm up

10 sec work 10 sec rest 5 exercises - squat, pushup, burpee, elbow sitout, situp.
Strive for continuous movement - no stops or pauses - and perfect form.
can do 10/10, 20/10, 30/10, ..., 20/10, 10/10 as a pyramid style tabata workout.

Hook - glue

Get both hooks in. Get an underhook, grab his belt and pull him HARD onto the hook, so your shin/knee is driving into his hip. Keep him there as he moves around and tries to pass - sweep when he gives it to you.

Arm drag from hooks in to reverse hooking sweep

Grab the elbow with both hands and pull it in a circular path. grab his belt and once again weld the reverse hook to his opposite hip by pulling him HARD onto the hook. Sweep him at leisure. Underhook the near arm and the far arm as you move to SC.

Cross grip

Get his sleeves one at a time, not both together. Grabbing the first sleeve with one or both hands will make him want to bring his other hand in to attempt to strip the grips. You can then grab the other sleeve. You now have the possibility of doing an arm drag to either side ... and then grabbing the belt and gluing the hook

Elbow power to get the arm drag

You have cross grip but he is grabbing your jacket and you cannot get the arm drag. Bridge, lift your hips, and as you drop use your elbow with your bodyweight behind it to drive his arms across. Slightly easier to drive with the elbow on the side with the top arm. Come up on the other elbow and grab his belt.

Cross grip double hook sweep

From crossgrip ( his L hand on top), open his arms, turn on your R side, pass your L leg over his R arm and hook the L foot under his L armpit. Hook your R foot inside his L knee. Go flat again. Use the R reverse hook to pull him off his base then use the R hook to sweep him to your L. Use the L thigh to trap his R arm so he can't roll away as you move to side control hunting the far side underhook.

He stands, grab collar open guard, use knee

You have your hooks in, he is holding you down. He stands. If you can, grab his R sleeve with your L and his R collar with your R. Pull him down savagely by the collar so he can't get posture. Move your L foot to his R hip, use your R foot to push his L knee away from you so he has a staggered, twisted stance. Push his R arm across to your R using your L knee, reach up and grab his belt, also putting in your L hook and applying the glue. Let him try to pass or dislodge himself and sweep him when the opportunity presents itself.

He stands, you miss the collar - reverse X on knee, use reverse elbow.

As above, he stands in your hooks, you miss  his collar and he gets posture. You have a grip with your L on his R sleeve. Move your R hook to his R leg - underneath the L foot. Clamp his knee with both ankles. Use the back of your R elbow to push his R arm across to the R, then grab his belt with the L hand, inserting the L reverse hook. Pull on the belt and lift with the hook to throw him overhead. (????)

Back to basic double hook sweep

As before. Apply the GLUE. If he puts his free hand on your knee,clamp it under your arm and lie on your arm. His body will now be so twisted the he almost sweeps himself. If he is not giving you the arm, use the belt and hook to pull him forward so his hand goes on the ground. Here you can overhook the arm and trap it as before, or underhook it and pull it up by taking the underhook hand up to and behind your head.