Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving less than 100%

I enjoyed the free wrestling in Peter King's class last night. Escaped Sonny's first formidable guillotine choke attempt and passed his guard, though he tapped me with a second guillotine right at the end of the round. The local teenage prodigy, Andris, got my back, somehow I escaped that to half guard and fended him off for the rest of the round.

I think I'm going to enjoy the Jiu Jitsu journey more if I ease up on the intensity. In the second half of my sixth decade, I can't beat the twenty- and thirty-somethings with speed, strength or cardio. If I try to give each round my maximum, I end up too exhausted to wrestle well next round, plus I make too many mistakes thrashing around. From now on I want to try to stay below ninety percent, really watch what's going on, make my movements strategic and deliberate, work more defence and escapes, but really work them rather than just "try whatever it takes not to get my guard passed." Tap out more. I could have resisted Sonny's second guillotine a bit longer, but what was the point? It was a great guillotine, well executed. Deserved the tap. Last time I fought my way out of a choke (actually two, an anaconda on a Wednesday followed by a Peruvian necktie on the Sunday) I had a sore neck for a week. Darko says, "I want to be doing this when I'm eighty" - me too, and I'm a lot closer to eighty than he is.

There has to be some sort of corollary of the 80/20 rule that applies here. Well executed technique shouldn't take 100% effort. Eighty and certainly, ninety percent, should be enough. One hundred percent brain, perhaps, but not one hundred percent brawn.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

John Will seminar 16 April 2011 - attacking from the turtle

The seminar was at George Adams’ gym at the West Pennant Hills Valley Community Centre. Simon Farnsworth and his son and Sean Kirkwood also attended.

Correct way to roll to the turtle

From flat on your back R hand is across protecting the L side of your neck, L arm is flat on the mat. Roll to your L (away from an imaginary attacker) over your L arm; your L arm prevents him getting a hook in on that side, the R hand, stops him attacking your collar. Bring your R knee up to your R elbow, then your L knee up to your L elbow.

Single leg takedown - cartwheel over to the bay

Get head inside, both arms around his lower L thigh. R hand is palm down. Hug tight, gable grip, and come up high on your toes, butt in the air weight on your shoulder pushing into his leg. This puts weight on his leg and keeps it flexed so he cannot sprawl. This also makes it difficult for him to attack with anacondas, clock chokes, etc. because your body is not in a horizontal plane.

Walk around to your L until you can grab his heel with your L hand. Now push him over his shin (cylinder). Get your head onto the pocket (on his R hip) stay side on keeping shoulder control, walk up on your toes, getting your hips up in preparation to jump over, put your L hand on his R top knee, slightly inside. When he turns toward you to put you in the guard, push his knee down and cartwheel jump over to land sitting on both his knees, your feet in “the bay” behind his knees. Reach up with your L to grab the back of his collar. Wait. When he turns back toward you, put him in side control.

Single leg Go behind

You shoot the single, hips up in the air. as you circle L, he keeps circling away, so you cannot grab his L heel. Change direction, drop onto your R hip and get your elbow to the ground on the far side of his lower leg, then get back to the position with your hips up on both feet . Cup his knee with both hands, and drive his hip to the floor with your shoulder. Get his back.

Iranian & drill

You shoot the single, he sprawls. It is IMPORTANT to keep you elbows in, particularly the L elbow, so you can use it as a support now. Keep hold of his leg with your R arm,walk up on your toes to get your hips high in the air. Now shoot in underneath him, bringing your knees in front of you ears - you should definitely move your whole body forward - so your head ends up between his legs and his hips are on your shoulders. Now sit up straight on your knees - DO NOT LIFT YOUR HIPS OFF YOUR HEELS. You should not have to lift his body weight, but his COG should be back far enough so you are just sliding him off your back. Keep hold of his R thigh with your R hand, grab his R heel with your L hand. Just bring his R leg around to your L side and  put him on his back with your head in the pocket. Lift your hips and prepare to cartwheel jump over into the bay same as before.

Drill - A does the Iranian on B. Keeping his hips down. B does a forward roll off A’s back and both turn to face each other. Now it’s B’s turn. Repeat.

Double leg takedown

In ALL double legs, elbows stay next to your hips - do NOT reach out, shoot with your chest. Get your head high, looking up, preferably in the armpit for maximum leverage. Once you have his knees, move out to the side away from where you are going to put him. Put him down where you were. Head in pocket, cartwheel jump over as before.

Switch out & drill

He is sprawled in front of you. He gets L hand in behind your R upper arm. quickly move out to your R side so you can see air, then all together grab his L arm with your R elbow, come up on your L foot, switch out as far as you can . Do not push into him - you want to disappear out from under him so he falls straight down to a faceplant on the mat.. You want your head on his back but shoulders on the floor. Once therepush into him with your legs, reach up with your arms, thread your legs, turning toward his legs, and get your R knee into his hip and then consolidate your side control..

Switch out if the guy keeps hugging

If he gets both grips at once and hangs on when you switch, he will land on his back with you on top of him and probably get winded. Arms up (worship the sun god), turn towards his legs into Side Control and you should get a crossface by wrapping your L arm under his head.

Side back grab the arm and roll

He gets side back control on your L. You should still be protecting your L side of your neck with your R hand. If he reaches into your R armpit with his R hand, trap it with your R elbow, jump onto your R side, and roll him over you. Turn toward his legs, use your L elbow to push against his head and bend his spine as you move to side control.

Do NOT reach for his arm to trap it. He can get an underhook, move back away from you and pull you into side control. Do not go flat, as if he sprawls on you then you are in trouble.

Side back grab he sprawls - frame up and reverse Curly walk

Get in the habit of doing the above move and also putting your L fist on the floor with your elbow up in his abdomen, forming a frame. You can then use the elbow to assist in rolling him. If he sprawls here, use that frame to “reverse Curly walk” out under his R side. Stay on your side. Either attack his arm with a hammer lock or if you lose the arm get his back.

Grab the arm block with the knee roll to kimura and various guards and single leg

He has side/back control on your L. You are protecting the L side of your neck with your R hand. He tries to attack your neck with his L, grab his L wrist with your R hand, getting a solid post on your R elbow. Get your L hand between your bodies and wrap your L arm outside his L arm. Slide your R knee up to block his R knee with your shin. so you have the space to roll to guard. Roll onto your back keep the shin blocking his torso and grab the kimura on his L arm. Hook his R foot with your L heel to stop him rolling.

This is an extremely versatile move. If you can grab the L arm with your  R hand, post on your R elbow and block his R knee with your R shin, you can set up a number of guards and other moves, e.g.
  • Grab his R thigh with your L arm and set up a single leg or go behind
  • Decide on your sweep or takedown and find a way to set it up from here
  • Get your L underhook, hook his R shin with your L heel, go to half guard and grab his R foot with your R hand to set up an old school sweep
  • Get your L underhook, move back and insert your L hook, setting up a hooking sweep

He pushes in, sit up with post, and roll him

He is on your L side. Grab his L arm, come up on your R elbow as before, block his knee with your shin. He really pushes in - your L arm goes under his R armpit, and points over behind you as you sit up and turn to your L. Come up on your R hand and keep pushing with it as for a sitting rollover sweep. Roll him over you onto his back. Your legs go flat, your upper body goes vertical.

His knees are on the ground grab far leg push with the hand and walk around - crab away to set up

He is on your R side in side/back control.  Same as before protect your neck, grab his arm. If both his knees are on the ground. bring your L arm on front of them and grab around his L knee. Post out to the side with your R hand, fingers pointing away. Hips up, on your toes, and walk around to the L, pushing hard with your R hand, little pushes until he falls over and you get side control.

If he counters by pushing into you, switch to the previous move (sit up, post and roll him)

How to get everything you can out of all you’ve got - Jay Abrahams