Sunday, July 03, 2011

John Will Seminar 3 July 2011 Side control escapes and counters

Warm up

Hip escape - engage the elbow
Hip escape  - head moves offline, hips move straight back
Reverse hip escape
Bear walk
Bear walk, sit out
He sprawls. bear walk up, peek out, get his back

Side control escape

Think of 5% increments of improvement

1. He has your head and the far underhook on your R side. Move your ear to your hip to get your R elbow in. Move our feet near his knee. Get hip to hip this maximises the effect of the bridge. Bridge into him to create invisible space. Get your R knee in his hip quickly. Move your head away pushing with knee and both hands.Crossover to guard.

2. He switches his base, feet toward the head. Get that R elbow in his hip. Move your feet up to his butt, pinch his hips between your R elbow and hip. Bridge into him to lift him, step your L foot toward and under him, then slide your R knee under him to put him into the cradle. Shimmy your hips under him so he rolls onto his back.

3. He is passing your guard to your R. Roll onto your L side in the fetal position. He is on his knees. Go to your knees and overhook his L leg with your R arm. Tripod up on your head and feet, push with your R arm, palm down, fingers facing away from the direction of push for maximum leverage, and walk clockwise around to his back until he falls on his back. Get SC with base switched toward his feet. (From here, run around to front control).

4.As before but he pushes into you so you can’t walk around. Use his push to slide your knee under him to the cradle and roll him over you.

5. He gets a position to your side as before but his L leg is back, R knee is in your stomach (if it isn’t pull guard) so you can’t overhook his L leg. Use your R hand to lift his R foot, snag it with your L leg and triangle your L foot off with your R leg. Bump up to get your L arm out and grab his lat/belt. Grab his L knee with your R hand, Move your hips R to push his R knee toward his L. You should be able to roll him over you from here.

6. You snag the leg, but he tries to run away. You have the underhook and might get his back. If he wizzers your R arm with his L, push into him and try to knock him over. If he pushes back to resist, dive under him and roll him over you as before.