Saturday, August 20, 2011

John Will seminar 20 Aug 2011 - D'arce choke, Deep Half Guard

John Will seminar 20 Aug 2011

D'arce Choke

Ideal Position

He is on his R side, L arm elevated toward his head. You have side control on his R. Your R arm goes under his L armpit and under his neck till your R hand pokes out behind him. put your L arm on his back so his R hand grabs the crook of your elbow to close the noose, L palm on his back. Sprawl on his L shoulder and squeeze your arms to finish.

You can allow him to escape flat side control to this position. You can drop on your R hip so as to get your arm deeper.

From flat Side Control

on his R, your R hand at his R hip. Take your chest over the top of his L forearm and snag it with your rib cage, move backward so as to hoist him up on his side, use your R shoulder/chest on his L elbow to get his L arm in a good position. From here choke him as in 1.

From Head to Head

Sprawl on him with your L arm on the right side of his neck. Your R arm overhooks his L arm. Get your R elbow on the floor to prevent the switch out - move your body to your R off centre to enable this. Pull his L elbow forward and next to his head, and walk your feet out to the L to set up the proper angle for the roll. Grip tight and roll under him, pulling him over the top of you, onto his back and then onto his R side. Relax the grip and run around to side control on his R. Your arms are in position to fix the choke.

From H2H - inverted

Same setup as the last - this time, instead of pulling him over you, just fall onto your R side and pull his head to you with both hands like a Thai clinch. Push your R arm to the ceiling, and set up the Darce from underneath. Don't pull him over! you want to move under him without affecting his position at all.

From side/back control

You are sprawled on him again - this time weld your L elbow to your L hip and circle anticlockwise until your L forearm is on the back of his neck with your bodyweight on it . Your R arm overhooks his L arm and goes under his chest, then up the right side of his neck so your R hand meets your L hand. Keep your L forearm horizontal and do not reach for the R hand with the L. You now should have side/back control on him. Push down with the L arm and pull with the R to put him on his R side, in the ideal Darce choke position.

Guard pass counter

You are sitting up, he is passing around to your R. Block his R shoulder with your L hand, but let him continue to pass. Your L arm goes around his neck like a guillotine choke, your R arm overhooks his. He can go to side control here, keep tight to ensure he can't get his L arm over your body but it stays trapped on your R side. From here you can walk your feet counterclockwise, and when your are parallel bridge and roll him to your L, and run around to Side Control on his R, with your arms in ideal Darce choke position.


His defence to the Darce is posture - arching his head back and away from you. To counter this, put your L fist on the ground and grab your L wrist with your R hand. Use this grip to pull his head and bend his spine toward you, optionally using your L knee to hold his head in place. Finish the choke from this position. 

Deep Half Guard

Against combat base 1

His right knee is up, he is on his R foot. Your L hook goes on his R ankle on the inside and grip his  r shin/ankle with your L hand on the outside. Roll back and lift his foot directly over the top, for the Big Step move similar to that used for the X guard setup. Circle is totally in a vertical plane, not out to the side. As you lift his foot, your R arm goes between his legs to encircle his R thigh. Once he steps, release your legs and circle under him to end up on your back, your head on his L upper thigh as if using it as a pillow, both hands controlling his knee and both shins controlling his ankle. Pushing back into him stops him stepping over your head and cements the position.

Against combat base 2

His has combat base, R knee up on his R foot. Your R leg goes between his legs so his R foot ends up in the crook of your R knee. Use the R leg to pull on his foot, R hand goes between his legs, spin under him to deep half guard (drill - you sweep him, then get into combat base and allow him to do the deep half guard setup  and sweep to you. Repeat.)

From classic half guard

You have half guard on his R leg, both feet to the outside, R ankle triangled by L knee, underhook with your L arm, up on your R elbow. Dive your R arm between his legs and use both legs to "rocking chair" his foot off the ground. Go to deep half guard, head on the pillow of his L thigh. The joined legs allow you to lift better than you could just with your R adductor. You have to let go with the legs to be able to grab the ankle with them.

From underneath mount

Elbows in. Get on your L side, L leg goes flat, L knee pushes his R shin out to the side. Snag his R ankle with your R heel and drag it across your L shin. Separate your L knee and R ankle - your L knee shin is under and near his L knee, your R foot is on top close to his R ankle. When you go back to flat, this gives you leverage to lift his R knee enough to get your R arm under his R leg. Grab his knee with both hands, and walk your feet so your body turns counterclockwise until your head is on the pillow in deep half guard.

In the deep half guard position, your L arm is vulnerable to armlocks, kimuras, etc. You can mitigate this by hiding it under his leg, gripping your R wrist with your L hand. This give you a better position for rolling him as well in some respects.

Sweep 1

The Homer Simpson. Walk your feet (not your hips) around to the left. Then spin R to your knees. He should fall on his butt for the sweep.

Sweep 2

If sweep 1 gets stalled, drive your R arm and hand to the ceiling and bridge and roll him to your L, putting him face down.